From The Grill

Beef Ribs
Beef Ribs Slow Cooked in Our Speical Homemade Marinade Served With a
Jacket Potato Topped with Sour Cream


Pork Ribs
Pork Ribs Slow Cooked in Our Special Homemade Marinade Served With A Jacket Potato, Topped With Sour Cream


Mixed Platter
Pork Ribs & Beef Ribs Slow Cooked in Our Special Homemade Marinade Served With Chips



*All served With Seasonal Vegetables & Jacket Potato with your choice of sauce* *any changes will incur a small fee*

Our Signature Steak Is Renowned For Being Flavoursome & Succulent


Scotch Fillet
Boneless Marbled Cut, bursting With Flavour


Rib Eye
Cooked & Served On The Bone Preserving Moisture & Flavour


Pick your choice of sauce

Al Venito
Peppers and Sun Dried Tomatoes in Sweet Chili & Napoli sauce

Alla Genovese (GF)
Mushrooms and Spring Onions in a Napoli, Red Wine Sauce

Al Funghi (GF)
Mushrooms cooked in a Cream & White Wine sauce

Pepe Verde (GF)
Panfried Peppercorns & roasted peppers In Creamy White Wine Sauce

Alla Monzarella (GF)
Prosciutto and Mushrooms cooked in a creamy, white wine Sauce

Al Ostriche(+$8) (GF)
Fresh Oysters, bacon, onions in a cream & Worcestershire Sauce

Your patience is appreciated.
Please allow appropriate time for cooking.
Main contain traces of nuts and olives may not be pitted.
GF = Gluten Free
V= Vegetarian

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